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Core Values
Spectrum Packaging Network is dedicated to delivering a quality product and exceptional service, while working in complete harmony with our fragile environment. A healthy environment is vital to our business. We began that journey over 13 years ago and it continues today. Each employee of Spectrum Packaging Network has responsibility for stewardship of our natural resources and must strive to conduct business in ways that protect and preserve the environment. Our employees, business partners, suppliers and consumers must all work together to continuously find innovative ways to foster the efficient use of natural resources and prevention of waste. Our core values have guided Spectrum Packaging Network on a path of sustainable manufacturing of environmentally responsible packaging.

Our current practices include:

  • recycling all waste paperboard that is created in the manufacturing process
  • aggressively reducing paperboard waste throughout our processes
  • using inks, coatings and glues that are environmentally friendly
  • purchasing board from mills that have certified their use of pulp from sustainable forestry initiatives
  • purchasing 100% renewable energy from Cobb EMC, our local energy provider through Green Power EMC. This Green power is generated by reclaiming methane gas from landfills in Fayette and Taylor counties and from Tallassee Shoals Low Impact Hydro Project located on the Middle Oconee River. The power generated by these renewable sources offsets power that would otherwise be generated by traditional sources.
  • providing our customers alternative packaging that provides value to their brand and supports their efforts to improve the environmental quality of their product packaging.
  • providing information to the marketplace on sustainable packaging and reduction of carbon emissions through an aggressive educational campaign.

To obtain the most recent information on renewable energy (click here).

Improving Your Packaging
Contact Spectrum Packaging Network to work with your team to design your next package in an environmentally responsible manner that communicates your commitment to the environment.  We can help you identify

  • better designs for the environment
  • materials that will make an impact without raising costs
  • ways to improve your packaging scorecard rating

In addition we can help your entire team explore the possibilities of sustainable packaging, its implications for your business, and how, by embracing this throughout your organization, you can reduce costs.

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